Fic: You've Got A New Co-Star

Title: You've Got A New Co-Star
Author: scottjohn4evaRating: erm, there's swearing...PG-13
Summary: Kristen finds out she has a new co-star
Pairing: Tom/Kristen (friendship)
AN: I'm not entirely sure if this is even the character Tom is playing... and Kristen probably would have found out earlier, but this story won't leave my head...and sorry for the really random paragraphing. okay, so this fic in general is pretty rubbish :)



“Hello?” I mutter into my phone, my voice croaky from sleep.


“Sturridge, what the fuck it’s...” I glance at the clock to my right. “It’s three in the fucking morning. What do you want?”

I get no response from the other end of the line.

“Shit, Tom what is it? Is it Rob? Is he okay? Tom?”

Still no response.

“Tom would you fucking answer me! What’s wrong?”

I hear a rustling sound on the phone, then Tom’s voice.

“Jeez Stewie why are you shouting? I left the telly on and had to go turn it off.”

I relax back into my pillows, hugging my knees to my chest.

“Don’t fucking do that to me alright? I thought something had happened.”

Tom laughs, “Oh Stewie, nothing’s wrong. Believe me, I am about to make your day, possibly your year. Actually screw that, I’m about to make your life. You’ll love me far more than Patty.”

I frown at my duvet, “What are you getting at Sturridge?”

Another laugh.

“Tom.” I growl, starting to lose patience.

“Keep your knickers on Stewie. Anyway, you’ve got some guy in this new film you’re doing don’t you? Carlo Marx?”

“Yeah. What about him? He’s uncast, they had some sort of issue.”
“Not anymore they don’t.” I can practically hear Tom’s grin.

“Sturridge will you cut the crap and get to the point?”

Tom clears his throat for effect before telling me. “They cast me.”
A full minute passes before I can speak. “They did what?”
“You’ve got a new co-star. You are on the phone to Carlo Marx.”

“Get out!” I yell. “That’s awesome!”

“Uh huh. I head out to Canada next week.” He replies.

“That’s awesome man. Does Rob know?”

“Yep, phoned the wanker just before you. Told me I could keep an eye on that Garrett guy you’re with.”

I scowl again, “How many times, there is nothing with me and Garrett.”
“Yeah yeah, but Rob’s an insecure little bugger isn’t he?”

“Tell me about it.”

“But come on Stewie, how great is this? Ah, we can walk the red carpet together!”

I laugh, “Alright Sturridge, getting a bit excited there. How did you even get the part?”

Tom pauses, “I dunno. My agent called, had to go meet some guy, read a couple of lines, he offered me the part.”

“It’s going to be weird being in a film with you.” I say.

“Oh gee, thanks Stewie.”

“Not like that you idiot. It’s just. You’re will take a lot of getting used to you being on set.”

“Yeah yeah, laugh it up now. I’ll have you know I’m a very serious actor.”

I burst out laughing at that, “Yeah you’ll have to prove that to me Sturridge.”

“Shut up Stewie. I’d probably better let you go. Patty would kill me if he knew I was stopping his girl from getting her beauty sleep.”

“Alright. Night Sturridge.”

“Ah Stewie I almost forgot, one more thing. You owe me twenty quid.”
“What the fuck? No I bloody don’t. Why?” I say angriliy.

“Did you genuinely just say bloody?” Tom asks.

“I spend nearly all my time talking to Rob, it rubs off on me.” I snap. “Why do I owe you twenty quid?”

He laughs, “Have you not read the script Stewie? You bet me twenty quid that you’d never get in bed with me. Carlo gets in bed with Mary-Lou. I think that counts as us being in bed together. Don’t you?”

I stare at the phone in my hand. You have got to be kidding me.

“Sweet dreams Stewie.”



Fic: You'll Always Have A Piece Of Me With You

Title: You'll Always Have A Piece Of Me With You
Author: scottjohn4eva
The story behind Kristen's necklace and ring, inspired by so_i_go's theory
Disclaimer: I own nobody, these people are not mine, etc, all I own is a laptop and the ability to post this online :)

Okay, so this is based on so_i _go’s amazing theory on Kristen’s necklace and ring : Helen/Erin/I think that the weird charm on her necklace is an uncut diamond, so I think/thought that the uncut diamond on her necklace + the plain gold band ring = Rob's schmoopiest/cutest-ever pre-promise ring promise ring.





I try to block out the noise, burying my head into my pillow.

“Kristen, love?”

“Go away.” I moan.

There is a quiet chuckle in my ear and then kisses are being placed down my neck.

“Ro-ob. I’m trying to sleep.”

“But it’s your birthday.” He says.

“Urgh.” I roll over with a moan and then jump as I come face to face with Rob.

“Jesus Christ Robert do you want me to have a heart-attack?” I yell, shoving him away from me.

Rob rolls onto his side and stares at me.

“What?” I mutter, feeling self-conscious.

“I was just thinking, you’re rather grumpy considering it’s your birthday.”

I glare at him, “Well you know something, on most peoples’ birthdays their boyfriends wake them up with sex, not by being annoying.”
I turn away from him, my mood going from bad to worse very quickly due to lack of sleep. I hear Rob’s weight shift behind me, then his breath is at my neck.

“Turn around love.”

I ignore him but he pulls me over anyway.
“Do you mind?” I ask.

“Not particularly no.” He replies, dropping kisses into my hair.

I roll my eyes even though he can’t see me, “Of course not.”
“You’ll get your birthday sex.” He says, pulling my lips up to meet his.

His kisses me long enough for my breathing to quicken but pulls away at the last moment.

“What the...” I snap.

He places a quick peck on my lips.

“You get the sex after the present.”
I sit up as he leans over the bed and rummages in his drawer for a minute before resurfacing with a bag in his hand. I glance down at it as he shifts awkwardly before passing it over to me. Reaching inside I find two black boxes, opening up the largest one I see a necklace. It’s a long gold chain with a small diamond pendant on the end.

“Rob it’s beautiful.” I whisper.

Rob grins, still looking nervous.

“Open the other one.” He says quietly.

I hesitantly reach for the other box and open it.

“Rob.” I gasp, unable to say any more.

He takes my silence as a bad sign and begins to launch into a speech.

“Don’t freak out, just let me explain, it’s not an engagement ring or anything, I had it fit to your middle finger. It’s just that, I wanted to be able to show. You mean the world to me Kristen Jaymes Stewart, I’m never going to love anyone except you. And this is a representation of that. It’s not an engagement ring, but it’s sort of, like a promise ring, the necklace and the ring together, they make up the ring and the diamond. You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to I just thought...” He trails off, staring down at his hands.

“A promise ring?” I repeat, tears pooling in my eyes.

“If you want it to be.”  He replies, looking up. As soon as he sees my tears he starts to panic. “Ah, shit, you hate it don’t you. I’m sorry, I’ll get you something else I...”

“Rob!” I yell over him.

He breaks off and stares at me.

I crawl over to him and kiss him softly on the lips,

“I love it.”

He pulls me into a tight hug, “I just wanted you to have it, so that no matter what anyone says, wherever you go you’ll have a piece of me with you.”
His voice is slightly gruff as he speaks and I look up to see a tear tracking down his cheek.

“Oh Rob.” I say, tears of my own pouring out my eyes.

He pulls me into another hug.

“I love you.” I whisper.

“I love you too and I’m going to marry you one day. You know you don’t have a choice anymore.”

I lean up and gently kiss his jaw, “I don’t want a choice, and for the record, you’re the only person I’ll ever love too.”

Tags: pissed off

yeah, so as the title suggests, im pissed off. when i was younger i used to go to this sailing club with my family which i now HATE. like, despise it. but, one of my sisters still goes and her boyfriends there so like, her entire life revolves around this place, and my parents just got back into it too, so guess what, i get dragged down there. and there is NOBODY there my age. they're all like, twenty something or old. it actually sucks. and tomorrow there is this stupid barbeque thing and it starts at 5 and ends at gone midnight. i think i might kill myself during that time...well, me or somebody else. its so crap, and i've tried to be reasnoble about it with my parents but they just yell at me *facepalm* urgh, so yeah, i thought i'd rant...feel a bit better now :)

Fic: Left Wanting More

Title: Left Wanting More
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After the MTV movie first try at like, writing sex stuff, so please, don't judge me too much...

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Read more...Collapse )


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so this is pretty random, be warned :) i 've been thinking, what's the point of trusting someone? you're just gonna get hurt. you're gonna get double crossed, lied to, stabbed in the back, what's the point? all you do is get hurt. i've been best friends with a girl for ten i found out she's been spreading lies between me and my other best friend, and my boyfriends been cheating on me with her. i trusted her with my life, look what it lead to. i'm afraid to trust anyone again, definetly not fully. she's ruined that for me. what was the point of trusting her?

Fic: Reviews
my first fic so yeah, hope you like it, i posted it at without drowning then remembered not all people can see it so i reposted it

Title: Reviews
Summary: Rob reads some of the negative reviews for Remember Me
Pairing: Rob/Kristen


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